Fighting foreclosure?
Trying to negotiate a loan modification?

Protect Your Property in a difficult economy!

If you’re behind in mortgage payments, or are afraid you’re about to be, you’ve already wondered through restless sleep what to do to preserve your house.

You have options. Let the law work for you. We can help you think through these options and determine the best method to protect your most prized asset.

Our firm now offers wills and trusts as devices for protecting real and personal property interests. We provide great pricing, personal service and quick turnaround time.

Some situations may require bankruptcy. This is not the end of the world, and for some may actually be the beginning of a new one with the fresh start bankruptcy can give you. There are many benefits of bankruptcy that many don’t know about. What is the difference between Chapter 7 (straight bankruptcy) and Chapter 13 (paying bills, but discounting them and paying them over three or five years)? Many people may not know that if you have a second deed of trust on your house that is entirely unsecured, the bankruptcy judge may be able to release you entirely from that lien.

Sometimes fighting foreclosure in court is the way you may want to go. We have represented homeowners whose lenders have improperly sought to take away a home. We can explain the ups and downs of this to you.

A loan modification is where you take your existing loan and negotiate with the lender to change the loan to make it easier and more realistic for you. It may involve reducing the interest rate, monthly payments, even the loan balance. We can help you understand this option as well.

We offer a free bankruptcy consultation.

If bankruptcy is the decision, starting is easy. After your consultation, log-in with your Social Security Number and fill out the secure form.

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Since 1981, providing superior legal assistance for real property cases, problems and opportunities.
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